Zep - Communication Breakdown

11-24-16 Live Streamed Performance

Zep - Dazed & Confused

Bowie - Fame

Change - slapjack original

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Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box

Backs to the Wall - slapjack original

Zep - Rock & Roll

Easier to Run - slapjack original

Nobody's There - slapjack original

Take Everything - slapjack original

Nirvana - Teen Spirit

STP - Down

Traditional - Boogie Momma

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Break the Spell - slapjack original

Noah - Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

Alec - Lead Vocals, Harmonica

Fran - Lead Guitar, Keyboards

Jackson - Drums, Percussion, vocals

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Zep - The Song Remains the Same

2016 Original Music on bc: 

Knock Me Down - slapjack original

Zep - Whole Lotta Love Medley

Move On - slapjack original

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Open Your Eyes - slapjack original

  • slapjack is working in the studio on more original music and will be performing regularly in Asbury Park!

Chili Peppers - Suck My Kiss

2015 Rock to the Top Finalists!!!

‚ÄčKnock Me Down - slapjack original

Open Your Eyes - slapjack original

Nominated for Top Young Band category for 2016 Asbury Music Awards!

Push the Last Button - slapjack original

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